Few Tips and Information for First Time Visitors to Lisbon

Anybody visiting Lisbon will get attracted to this sunny capital city of Europe and hence you can find plenty of tourists here. You may not be able to see everything in just 2 days, and hence people like to visit this place again and again.

Why people prefer to visit Lisbon?

There are 7 hills along with river Tejo, and with bright sun-light, Lisbon really looks stunning and that always attracts visitors who come here. In addition to that, there are few good singers whose performance can really mesmerise you.

How much time one must stay in Lisbon?

It will depend upon your schedule however if you are planning for 1-week tour of Portugal then spending at least 3 to 4 days in Lisbon is a must. Thereafter, you may keep a day for Sintra and another 3 days at Porto. If you like to visit the countryside, then you must plan to visit the Douro-valley vineyards.

What are various attractions of Lisbon?

In Lisbon, there are many attractions as well as activities that can keep you occupied. Some of them are:

  • Alleys of Alfama
  • Belém monuments e.g. Belém Tower and Jerónimos Monastery
  • São Jorge Castle

If you are interested for shopping then you must prefer to visit Chiado and Baixa neighbourhoods

Where should you stay in Lisbon?

There are wide range of good hotels in Lisbon right from international-brands to boutique-hotels. Another good option for families is few self-catering apartments that are located in central-areas e.g.  Baixa and Chiado.

When is the right time to tour Lisbon?

You may visit Lisbon any time as it never rains too much and neither it is too cold. Summers are bit hot but not so uncomfortable either. However, sometimes there can be heat waves between the months of June and August because of African air mass. This generally lasts for 3 or 4 days. Due to sunny days, winters are quite pleasant and snow fall is totally non-existent.

Is it easy to go around Lisbon?

Lisbon is not a large city and also has a reasonably good public transport system. If you are in central Lisbon, then prefer to take a metro, which is most convenient mode of travelling. This is also complemented by buses and trams in all city parts where metro is not accessible.

In addition to that you can also get hop-on hop-off buses for visiting any sight-seeing locations or you can avail tuk-tuk rides.

Nowadays, electric scooter/bike sharing services are also introduced which is available for tourists.

Should I hire any guide for visiting Lisbon?

In order to visit Lisbon, there is no need to hire any guide, but if you hire one then you will know the history of the city in much more depth. Any guide will take you to a restaurant of your choice and you need not waste time searching for them.

Is Lisbon quite a safe city?

In general Lisbon is a safe city. However, your wallet might get stolen if you are careless particularly if you are travelling in tram #28 route.

Day time is perfectly safe however during night you must avoid travelling to far away and unfamiliar places.

How expensive it is to travel in Lisbon?

Lisbon is not an expensive city. You can easily get hostel accommodation at €20. Eating food in any restaurant may cost you about €15. Transport cost also do not exceed more than €7 and within a budget of €50 per day, it is quite easy to stay in Lisbon.

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